Best Field Hockey Equipment List For Beginners 2022

Field hockey is a popular team sport that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. If you are new to the game and want to get started, one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need is a field hockey bag. A good hockey bag will have plenty of compartments for all your gear, including sticks, cleats, shin guards, water bottles and other items.

Having the right field hockey equipment can improve overall performance and help make playing more enjoyable. Investing in quality gear from trusted brands such as Grays or STX can provide years of reliable use. A great place to start when building your field hockey essentials list is with a bag that has plenty of compartments for your equipment. Look for bags that are lightweight yet durable enough to handle the wear and tear of regular use on turf fields or grass surfaces.


The game of field hockey can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience for beginners. Knowing which equipment is best to get you started can be overwhelming, however, knowing what the pros use can help ease that process. This year’s list of the best field hockey equipment for beginners will ensure you are equipped with the right gear to start your journey into the sport.

One essential piece of equipment a beginner should have is a reliable hockey bag with compartments. Not only does it provide a convenient way to store all your gear but it also helps keep everything organized and easily accessible so you don’t waste precious time on game day searching for items in your bag. You want one with plenty of pockets and compartments so you won’t have any trouble fitting all your necessary items inside – from sticks, shin guards, mouth guard and even water bottles.


If you are looking to get into the world of field hockey and want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment, then this article is for you.

The best Field Hockey Equipment List For Beginners 2022 includes all the essential items needed to play a safe, successful game. From sticks and shin guards, to jerseys and balls – we’ll break down what each item does and why it’s important for new field hockey players.

When it comes to field hockey gear, the ball is at the center of it all. A good quality ball should be light yet firm, with an outer shell made from synthetic leather that enables better control while still enabling fast movement speed across different surfaces.


Helmets are an essential piece of equipment for any field hockey player, both beginner and experienced. A quality helmet can protect the player from potentially dangerous head injuries that could occur during gameplay. The best field hockey helmets provide maximum protection while still allowing the players to move comfortably as they run up and down the pitch.

When looking for a helmet, there are certain features to look out for. Make sure it is light in weight, has adequate ventilation holes, is well cushioned on the inside, and comes with additional padding if needed. Also ensure that it fits properly and does not impede your vision when playing. Lastly, make sure to check that it meets all current safety standards so you can play with confidence knowing your head is adequately protected at all times!

Goalie Kit

If you’re new to the world of field hockey, it can be overwhelming to know what type of equipment you need. One of the most essential pieces of gear for any field hockey player is a goalie kit. This specialized set of protective gear helps keep goalkeepers safe while they’re defending their team’s goal line. The best goalie kit should include a helmet, leg pads, kickers, and a chest protector. It should also feature adjustable straps so that players can customize their fit and comfort level as needed.

When selecting the perfect goalie kit for your team or individual needs, always look for quality construction and materials that will stand up to repeated use without breaking down quickly. Check for features such as impact-resistant foam padding and breathable mesh fabric panels that will provide maximum protection without compromising mobility or visibility on the field.

Shoes & Socks

For any beginner field hockey player, choosing the right equipment is essential for comfort, safety and performance. From shoes to socks, understanding what type of footwear will suit your playing style is key to a successful season. Whether you’re looking for lightweight agility or sturdy support, this guide will help you find the best field hockey shoes & socks for beginners in 2022.

When it comes to shoes, start with evaluating your playing surface. Is it grass? Turf? Artificial turf? Knowing this information can help you determine which type of outsole is best suited for your needs. If you’ll be playing on artificial turf or hard ground surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, then look for a shoe with molded studs that are designed specifically for those surfaces.


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